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City of Dallas Seeks Applications for Environmental Youth Advisory Council

by | Feb 5, 2024

The city of Dallas announced a new Dallas Environmental Youth Advisory Council, an initiative seeking to empower and mobilize youth to take proactive steps towards environmental sustainability within the governmental sector.

The new council offers teens in the city an “opportunity to demonstrate their thought leadership and contribute to building healthier and more sustainable communities,” said Carlos Evans, director of the Office of Environmental Quality and Sustainability, in a statement....

The Last Word: Dallas Mayor Eric Johnson On Joining the ‘Smart Surfaces’ Coalition to Cool Cities
by | Jul 31, 2023
Johnson and four other U.S. mayors recently joined with the coalition to announce a project to cool cities and metropolitan areas with "Smart Surfaces"—an integrated solution that aims to reduce heat and fight climate change through the use of reflective "cool" roofs and pavements, green roofs, solar energy, porous pavements, rain gardens, and trees.