Why We Need to Value Younger, Everyday Philanthropists

by | Jul 20, 2021
More companies are seeing that skills-based volunteering is the future, but there is still little training and coordination of these programs, Prisma Garcia says. Though older generations think of millennials as the "selfish generation," Garcia sees them and Gen-Zers as the generations that can break down the barriers to giving.
iDonate nonprofits
iDonate Receives New Funding to Grow its Digital Giving Platform for Nonprofits
by | Feb 11, 2020
The $8.7 million will allow iDonate to create an SaaS/payments solution that supports new tender types like Apple Pay and Google Wallet as well as international payments.

Dallas’ Lyda Hill Cited in Study of ‘Big Bet’ Philanthropy

by | May 25, 2017
Many of the wealthiest want to help solve complex social issues, but only 20 percent — including Dallas' Lyda Hill — give in a major way.
Jeremy Vickers
Watch: Jeremy Vickers With University of Texas at Dallas
by | Dec 10, 2015
Jeremy Vickers with the University of Texas at Dallas talks about the entrepreneurship community being one of giving before you get.