GameStop CEO Sherman: Switching to E-commerce Helped Save Bottom Line

by | Jul 1, 2020
GameStop's CEO also talks about how the company is safely reopening its brick and mortar stores given the varying regulations across states and countries, as well as its corporate headquarters in Grapevine.
toys women
WIT Empowerment Day Lets Women Pitch Their Toy, Game, and Play Products
by | Sep 30, 2019
At this annual event—coming to Dallas Market Center tomorrow—female entrepreneurs and inventors can get feedback, advice, and mentoring from Walmart buyers and other industry leaders.
Esports North Texas Emerging Technologies Summit Dallas Startup Week
‘Dallas Has Been Made for Esports’: How Startups Can Grab a Spot in the Gaming Industry
by | Apr 15, 2019
North Texas startups have the opportunity to take place in an emerging industry, experts say. Here’s what founders need to know about finding funding and the future of esports.
SMU Guildhall to Launch Gaming Tech to Fight Disease
by | Dec 20, 2017
During the online-only launch event from 6-8 p.m. Thursday, four popular Minecraft streamers will play live online at, and viewers can participate.

How id Software Pushes the Envelope with id Tech 6

by | Aug 9, 2016
A symbiotic relationship between art and design and programming, and making tech, made the game Doom stand out.
QuakeCon Shows Off New Quake, More Doom, Other Surprises
by | Aug 8, 2016
There were plenty of things at Quakecon for gamers to get excited about, including demos of upcoming games and previews of upcoming releases.