Elad Inbar

North Texas’ RobotLab Partners with Autonomous Vehicle Software Developer

by | May 15, 2024
California-based Cyngn said it chose RobotLAB as a preferred U.S. partner because of its decades-long experience successfully deploying more than 10,000 robots worldwide.
DFW-Based RobotLAB Expands Distribution Agreement with LG Business Solutions
by | Feb 9, 2024
Last March, RobotLAB inked a deal with LG Business Solutions USA to expand deployment of LG's hospitality robots—including a restaurant servebot named ClOi. The new collaboration will make the entirety of LG’s robotics portfolio more widely available and tailored via RobotLAB’s network and expertise.
RobotLAB Expands Lineup for ‘AI, Robotics & the Future of Work’ Summit at Its New Southlake HQ
by | Jul 10, 2023
RobotLAB CEO and Founder Elad Inbar says the summit will shed light on the advantages that robotics and AI bring to various industries. And lunch will be served on robots.
With Office in Southlake, San Francisco’s RobotLAB Launches Robot Franchising Initiative
by | May 17, 2023
The robots will serve you now. Restaurants across North Texas have been testing table-side food delivery robots, from La Duni in Dallas to Fort Worth's Japan House to Chili's locations across DFW. Now San Francisco-based RobotLAB—whose central U.S. office is in the DFW suburb of Southlake—has launched what it calls a "first-of-its-kind" robotics franchising program. It goes beyond restaurant robots to include robotics solutions for delivery, cleaning, education, and customer service.