Dr. Shalini Prasad

North Texas’ EnLiSense To Launch Corti Health Wearables for Stress and Sleep Hormone Monitoring

by | Apr 5, 2024
Allen-based EnLiSense—co-founded by a professor and department head of bioengineering at UT Dallas—said the wearable features its proprietary passive-sweat sensor technology, which "non-invasively" rests on your skin, day and night, continuously measuring biomarker levels.
UTD Researchers Develop Fentanyl Test That Works ‘Within Seconds’
by | Feb 5, 2024
A UT Dallas team has developed a handheld sensor that can help first reponders detect whether fentanyl has been used. The sensor includes the use of "gold nanoparticles" and can detect fentanyl with "98% accuracy," the researchers say.
The Last Word: UTD’s Dr. Shalini Prasad on the THC Level Rapid Test Her Team Developed
by | Oct 16, 2023
We told you last month about CannibiSenS, the hand-held rapid saliva test developed by Prasad and her team at UT Dallas. The device can measure THC levels with 94% accuracy, the team says. According to the researchers, the “electrochemical sensor” is more sensitive than over-the-counter tests, which typically can detect THC but don’t determine its concentration.
New Handheld Device Can Rapid Test THC Levels in Saliva With 94% Accuracy, UTD Bioengineers Say
by | Sep 22, 2023
Called CannibiSenS, the device can distinguish between THC and CBD. Unlike over-the-counter tests that can detect THC but aren't able to determine its concentration, this device can measure THC levels with 94% accuracy, the UTD team says, reducing "false positive" tests. See who could potentially use the device—and why.

‘Groundbreaking’ Soil Sensors From UT Dallas Bioengineers Could Help Combat Climate Change, Food Insecurity

by | Mar 9, 2023
"This is the equivalent of having a wearable health sensor on your body that tells you in real time what’s happening. Think of it as a wearable for the soil,” UT Dallas' Dr. Shalini Prasad said.
UTD Team’s Wearable Sweat Sensor Can Detect Key Biomarkers of Infection
by | May 5, 2022
A team of UT Dallas bioengineers in collaboration with Allen-based EnLiSense designed the device, which uses an electrochemical biosensor to detect two key biomarkers of infection. The sensor could be a "significant step" toward early detection of infections like COVID-19 and the flu. "We have built a technology to unlock and explore the latest frontier in sweat diagnostics," said Dr. Shalini Prasad, who heads up the UTD team and is a co-founder of EnLiSense.
UTD IBD wearable medical device UT dallas bioengineering
Discovery: New Wearable Sensor is Like a ‘Check-Engine Light’ for IBD, Says UTD Bioengineer
by | Sep 28, 2020
The wristwatch-like device demonstrated by UT Dallas bioengineers monitors sweat for biomarkers that could signal flare-ups of inflammatory bowel disease.