Dr. Lyndsey Harper

Rosy Wellness Raises $1.2M To Grow Its Women’s Sexual Health Platform

by | May 30, 2023
Dallas-based Rosy aims "to smash taboos around women's sexual health" by using technology to bridge gaps in care. In a Q&A with Dallas Innovates, Founder and CEO Dr. Lyndsey Harper talks about raising $4.2 million to date as a femtech startup; her plans for Rosy's growth; AI's place in women's sexual health; and more.
Women’s Sexual Health Startup Rosy Closes $2M Seed Round to Boost Its Evidence-Based Platform
by | Nov 15, 2021
Rosy plans to further develop its flagship platform, which gives women trusted access to sexual health resources from professionals in the industry.
Meet the Innovators: Lyndsey Harper, CEO and Founder of Rosy
by | Feb 27, 2020
Lyndsey Harper is on a mission to change the landscape for women’s health and sexual wellness. And she's doing that from right here in Dallas with Rosy, an evidence-based tech platform providing resources to the 31 million women who need them.
Rosy, the Tech Platform Helping Women With Low Sex Drive, Raises $1M in Seed Round
by | Feb 26, 2020
After years as an OB-GYN in Dallas, Dr. Lyndsey Harper grew frustrated her patients didn't have adequate resources for decreased sexual desire, which affects more than 30 million women nationwide. So she created an app for just that.