Lights, Camera, Climate Action: Environmental Documentaries Directed By UNT Professor Wins Six Telly Awards

by | Jul 15, 2020
UNT media lecturer and documentary filmmaker Melinda Levin joins media conglomerates such as Disney, Warner Bros. and Sony Music Entertainment, which also were recognized in the 41st annual Telly Awards.
Stanley Marcus
Retail Icon: Stanley Marcus Film Wins at La Jolla International Fashion Film Festival
by | Aug 7, 2018
The six-minute short highlights the achievements of Neiman Marcus’ longtime leader Stanley Marcus and features archived film from the luxury retailer housed at SMU and special footage from UNT.
Hurdle Michael Rowley
Q+A: Dallas Filmmakers Explore Lives of Palestinian Creatives in Documentary ‘Hurdle’
by | Jun 6, 2018
Dallas director Michael Rowley shares his experience filming the documentary set for release in 2019 and immersing himself in the Palestinian parkour culture.
Dallas Startup Launching Mission to Send Apollo Astronauts, HS Students Near Space
by | Mar 9, 2018
If a new Dallas startup succeeds in its mission, it will put the oldest and youngest person ever into space by 2020.

What Motivates Artists? Fort Worth Company’s Film Explores the Creative Life

by | Oct 12, 2017
MAKE is the first feature-length film created by Musicbed, which is a provider of music for leading filmmakers, TV producers, brands, and agencies.
Austin Eudaly
Dallas’ Austin Eudaly Goes After ‘Dream’ Projects in Dating, Film
by | Oct 10, 2017
Dallas-based entrepreneur Austin Eudaly has taken a step back from the oil and gas industry to pursue his own ventures in film and online dating.
Dallas Filmmakers Shining Light on Food Insecurity
by | Apr 21, 2017
Clips from the documentary still in production will be screened Sunday as part of the inaugural EARTHxFilm festival.