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Entrepreneurial Development Series: Six Seminars Offer Best-Practice Tips — and Facetime

Posted by Jeanne Spreier

UTDallas_University of Texas at Dallas_ Dallas Innovates is a Gold Founding SponsorInformation is the best offense when entering the competitive entrepreneurial field. And the very best information is research-based cutting-edge knowledge, putting innovators at the head of the pack when tackling issues such as venture capital, marketing, and distribution.

The Entrepreneurial

Mike Ablon: Preserving City’s History Key to Successful Development

Posted by Lance Murray

Mike Ablon says that as a city or neighborhood evolves through time, it’s important to preserve their character and history.

Ablon, a founding principal partner at Dallas-based PegasusAblon, is turning areas that were designed for a vehicle-based society into ones …

(Un)Common Objects Exhibit Celebrates Fossil’s Designers, Brand Evolution

Posted by Julia Batlle

Fossil Group Inc. has unveiled an exhibition at the J. Erik Jonsson Central Library in downtown Dallas, that highlights the evolution of the design work from the Richardson-based watch, jewelry, and accessories company. 

The exhibition, “(Un)Common Objects: A Curious Collection …

Tech Titans Seeking Nominations for Annual Awards

Posted by Julia Batlle

Tech Titans is now accepting nominations for its 2017 awards. 

The North Texas technology trade association recognizes local individuals and companies each year who have made significant contributions to the technology industry. 

With 13 award categories, there is potential to …

Waterside: Creating a ‘Conscious Place’ in Fort Worth

Posted by Lance Murray

The numbers alone are impressive for developer Terry Montesi, CEO and founder of Trademark Property Co. in Fort Worth — more than $2 billion and 11.4 million square feet of lifestyle retail, mixed-use properties, and enclosed malls in the United …

Meeting People Can Be Awkward: Enter Nawkr

Posted by Tara Nieuwesteeg

If you’re a curious sort of person, you might have experienced this situation: you’re out and about and you notice an interesting-looking stranger. Maybe he’s reading a book you enjoyed or designing something cool on his laptop. You want to …

The Secret Behind Community Development

Posted by Larry James

People power innovation. Without a doubt this concept—or, better, this commitment—is the most important truth I have learned in the past 21 years. People possess the power, the capacity, and the desire to solve their own problems if they are …

How to Change the World With Corporate UX

Posted by D'Andrea Willis

You’re probably thinking that I’m exaggerating by saying that corporate UX can change the world, but in the words of comedian Kevin Hart, let me explain.

User Experience (UX) is the science of who, what, when, where, why, and …