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Over $58M Awarded to Advance Fort Worth Rare Earth Magnet Manufacturing Plant

by | Apr 1, 2024
Las Vegas-based MP Materials—which began building the plant in 2022 at Hillwood's AllianceTexas—plans to produce ""precursor materials" at the facility this summer, and "finished magnets" by late 2025. The critically needed products will be delivered to General Motors to power EVs—and help "bring the supply chain home" to the U.S.
UTA Team Gets Nearly $3M From DOE To Develop Data Center Cooling Tech
by | May 16, 2023
Some things you just gotta keep cool: your temper on the Tollway at 8:45 a.m., your drink after work, and—maybe we should've put this first—data centers. All those endless rows of servers generate heat, which is why cooling accounts for nearly half of a data center's electricity usage. Now a team led by UT Arlington's Dereje Agonafer is developing hybrid cooling technology that could save "a massive amount of money in energy costs" for both current and future servers.
Irving-Based Fluor Signs On as Engineering and Construction Partner for a Laser Fusion Power Project
by | Apr 19, 2023
Fluor's memo of understanding with California-based Longview Fusion Energy Systems positions it to serve as Longview's partner in designing and planning laser fusion energy for the global energy market.

Zyvex Labs Unveils ‘World’s Highest-Resolution Lithography System’ to Aid in Quantum Computing Research

by | Oct 12, 2022
To create a device for the world of quantum computing, you have to think small. Richardson-based Zyvex Labs has been developing a device since 2007 that acts as a type of microscope that can manipulate atomic structures on a surface. That's led to the ZyvexLitho1 system, which enables more precise, automated patterning at a sub-nanometer resolution. It's also led to $28 million in funding from agencies like DARPA. John Randall, the company's CEO, says the new system will be "really useful for research that's going to lead to better quantum computers"—eventually leading to one "that can do the ridiculous number of fabulous things that they say it's going to do.”
Hunt Perovskite Technologies Gets $2.5M in Funding from the Department of Energy
by | Apr 14, 2021
Dallas-based Hunt Perovskite Technologies, part of Hunt Consolidated Inc, is one of the 22 selected for a new program from the DOE dedicated to making perovskite photovoltaic devices commercially available. If validated, the tech could make solar cells more efficient at a lower cost—but first, the projects have to overcome the issue of it being too unstable to commercially use.
UNT to Advance 3D Printing for Automobiles Through a $1.5M Department of Energy Grant
by | Oct 6, 2020
University of North Texas researchers received more than $400,000 of the $1.5 million grant to develop a 3D printed material equipped with embedded sensors for use in car structures.
Discovery: UTSW Studies Tiny Membrane Protein, UTD Prof Gets $2.4M for ‘Atomically Precise Manufacturing’
by | Mar 8, 2019
You'll also find out about a UT Dallas physicist developing a new way to control light that comes from crystal seminconductors in this roundup of research and development activity in North Texas.

R&D: UTA Scientist Examines Why We Exist; UNTHSC Institute Aims to Speed Memory Loss Care

by | Nov 16, 2018
Also, you'll learn about why Mark Cuban invested in a company developing treatments for rare diseases, and why two UT Southwestern researchers are being honored in this roundup of research activity in North Texas aimed at making our lives better.
DFW airport Dallas-Fort Worth International Airport
R&D: Maximizing Energy, Saving Time & Money at the Airport; Grant Backs UTA Quantum Communication Project
by | Nov 2, 2018
Also, you'll learn about a UTD professor aiming to improve cochlear implants, as well as the Kinesiology team from TWU preparing for a big space competition and Collin College get a $3.7 million NSF grant. Here are some of the research projects underway in North Texas that could make lives better.
Discovery: E-Whiskers May Lead to Electronic Human Skin, $750K Grant to Fund Neutrino Research
by | Jun 29, 2018
Also, a collaborative study looks at how important exercise is to good health for those diagnosed with depression. Here are some of the research projects underway in North Texas aimed at making our lives better.
Oak Ridge National Laboratory Acquires Atos Quantum Computer to Help in Research
by | Dec 4, 2017
Atos, which has a regional headquarters in Irving, said the Quantum Learning Machine is the highest-performing quantum simulator in the world.