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The Dallas Foundation Crosses the $1 Billion Milestone in Giving

On Thursday, the foundation announced it has awarded more than $1 billion to Dallas-area nonprofit organizations that work to improve the lives of North Texans. It crossed that historic mark after nearly a century of philanthropic partnerships and grantmaking. “Although the impact to date has been significant, we are truly just getting started," said the foundation's president and CEO, Matthew Randazzo.
Social Enterprise Cornbread Hustle Helping Former Inmates Start Over, Find Meaningful Employment
by | Sep 17, 2018
Second chances filled the Addison Tree House last week as Cornbread Hustle members pitched their newest innovative ideas in the yearly graduation.
Dallas Library Seeks Proposals for Kid-Friendly Pathway
by | Apr 24, 2018
The educational pathway will lead kids from the sidewalk, across the library’s plaza, and through its front doors. Design proposals are due by May 25.
The Altruists

Movers + Shakers:
North Texas Social Innovators You Should Know

by | Jan 22, 2018
Dallas-Fort Worth is home to dozens of creatives who are changing the face of urban planning, social, and educational innovation.
Dusk Comics: A Home for Independent Creators, Strong Female Characters
by | Dec 11, 2017
From comics to cosplay, Dusk Publishing's David Doub is making a name for himself by nurturing new talent and creating compelling characters.
Dallas Library Gets Top Innovation Award for GED Testing Center
by | Oct 27, 2017
The program at the J. Erik Jonsson Central Library helps adults in Dallas earn their GED.
Nonprofit Is Inspiring Youth
‘One Line of Code at a Time’
by | May 15, 2017
Hack My Future is focused on creating a new generation of technological leaders through its programs.

(Un)Common Objects Exhibit Celebrates Fossil’s Designers, Brand Evolution

by | Mar 1, 2017
Fossil's exhibition at the downtown Dallas Public Library is celebrating local designers, their illustrations and their inspirations.
Dallas Library Gets $5K Grant for STEAM Programming
by | Jan 24, 2017
The recently-awarded funds will help the Dallas Public Library continue its STEAM and Snacks education program.
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3 Things: UTD Gets $1.3M for Cancer Research

by | Jun 29, 2016
UTD has received money for its cancer research program, the Dallas Public Library receives Knight News award, and Facebook adds a simpler way to plan events.
Katherine Berry
Beyond Books: Dallas Public Library Answers Inventors’ Questions
by | Jan 22, 2016
Patent and Trademark Resource Centers are designed to serve independent inventors and small businesses whose understanding of intellectual property issues may be rudimentary.
What’s Old Is New Again
by | Dec 28, 2015
Nostalgia, distraction, therapy, unplugging—these are just a few of the reasons for the new craze of adult coloring books that’s hitting the book and craft stores.