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TXOne Networks and Mitsubishi Electric Partner to Create ‘Innovative New Value’ in OT Security

by | Dec 11, 2023
TXOne—which has an Americas HQ in Las Colinas—and Mitsubishi say that cyberattacks targeting manufacturing sites in industries such as semiconductors and automobiles have increased. Their collaboration aims to fortify the industrial landscape with "pioneering OT security solutions."
The Last Word: Brian Gorenc on Trend Micro’s Connected Vehicle Event Coming to Tokyo in 2024
Japan-based cybersecurity provider Trend Micro has its U.S. headquarters is in Irving. One way the company fights overall cyber threats: the Trend Micro Zero Day Initiative's Pwn2Own bug bounty competition, which for 17 years has rewarded security researchers for privately disclosing vulnerabilities. Today, recognizing the growing threat to the world's connected vehicle ecosystem, Trend Micro announced a standalone competition—Pwn2Own Automotive—to take place in January 2024 at Automotive World Tokyo.