McKinney-Based BALANCED Wins Tech Titans Award for Connecting Gamers and COVID Research Through Edge Computing

by | Dec 10, 2021
BALANCED Media | Technology has won the second annual Grand Challenge competition for its edge computing solution. Gamers downloaded a small game. While they played, they were also processing data to help find COVID-fighting compounds. Its HEWMEN crowd-computing platform
Dallas is One of Three Cities With a New Live Image-Capturing Project
by | Jun 5, 2019
Mapillary uses computer vision to automate and scale mapping. Via its newly launched marketplace for street-level images and map data, organizations can collaborate with drivers to capture the street-level images they need.
Corey Clark
SMU Researchers, Gamers Partner on Cancer Research
by | Jun 5, 2017
Adding the processor power of the network of "Minecraft" gamers could double the amount of computer power devoted to the SMU research project.
health care bill
How About Crowdsourcing the Next Health-Care Bill? DFW Company Has an Online Tool
by | Mar 29, 2017
North Richland Hills-based HealthMarkets created a nonpartisan advocacy website earlier this year allowing ordinary citizens to create their own “bill."