Credera Launches Global Artificial Intelligence Council as ‘Collective Intelligence Hub’

by | Jul 24, 2023
Addison-based Credera—the consulting business of marketing group Omnicom—said the council will serve as a “collective intelligence hub” to address many different aspects of AI adoption. Founded by Credera Partner and Chief Data Scientist Vincent Yates, the council will aim to foster collaboration while guiding the responsible deployment of AI.
Dallas-based Hedera Hashgraph rasies $100 million to further develop public distributed dedger Network and Dapp Ecosystem.
Hedera Hashgraph Grants Nearly $700M in ‘hbars’ to Employees, Founders, Others
by | Mar 12, 2019
The grants total $696,150,671 in the cryptocurrency and provide for the recipient to receive coins in the future, typically over a period of four years.