Chris Brickler

The Last Word: MyndVR’s Chris Brickler and Ted Werth on Why Now Is the Time to Invest in Digital Therapeutics

Dallas-based MyndVR is a leading provider of virtual reality solutions for seniors and “active agers." Using gaze-based navigation with VR headsets, users can interact with MyndVr's immersive C.A.R.E. VRx app, which blends voice-based, guided imagery with 360-degree visuals of forests, lakes, beaches, and more. Writing in a Nasdaq post, Brickler and Werth cite the federal Access to Prescription Digital Therapeutics Act of 2022 as a key opportunity for investors. 
Talking Pictures: C-Hear to Reveal More About its ‘Internet Disruptor’ Image & Sound Tech
by | Apr 3, 2019
C-Hear's technology—launched at SXSW—creates unfakable documents, produces unstealable images, and allows a user to imbed audio into an image file without saving it as a video.
A singer entertains in one of MyndVR's virtual reality experiences. [Courtesy MyndVR]
PTSD, Depression: MyndVR Tech Puts Aging Veterans In a Peaceful Place
by | Jul 31, 2018
The relationship with Long Island State Veterans Home is the first partnership with a veterans home for MyndVR, which already was serving senior communities.