Cassandra McKinney

Comerica Bank Surpasses Three-Year, $5B Small Business Lending Commitment

by | Dec 14, 2023
"Our lending commitment over the past three years has reached thousands of businesses to help them thrive and succeed," said Omar Salah, Comerica Bank EVP and director of Small Business Banking.
Comerica Bank Announces New $3M CoWorkSpaces Program for Its Small Business Customers
by | Apr 28, 2023
In the coming weeks, Comerica Bank will open its new $5 million BusinessHQ small business collaborative space (above) at its bank location on East R.L. Thornton Freeway in Dallas. But wait—there's more. Today Comerica announced that it is repurposing idle real estate at other banking centers throughout North Texas to create Comerica CoWorkSpaces, a new concept backed by a $3 million investment. The new concept will offer complimentary office space exclusively to the bank's small business customers.
Comerica Bank Launches SmallBizCo-Op to Support Small Businesses
by | Jan 27, 2023
The banking giant said that via its new SmallBizCo-Op concept, Comerica will share its assets and resources with small business customers in the region to help them achieve their goals—and get the perks usually reserved for big businesses. "These opportunities are designed to deliver real value to our customers"—enabling them to "help strengthen their own customer relationships," said Cassandra McKinney, executive director of Comerica's Retail Bank.