Big iDeas

Ripple Effect: Big Ideas Become a Reality in North Texas

by | Jan 31, 2019
Meet the ten companies that have formed partnerships, invented new deployments in emerging technology, or reimagined retail to make an impact here and beyond.
SMU Announces Winners of ‘Big iDeas’ Competition
by | Oct 16, 2017
The students business ideas range from an app that incentivizes people to stay off their phones while driving to a bike-share program for SMU.
Dr. Bobby Lyle and Dr. Duncan MacFarlane, SMU's first Bobby B. Lyle Centennial Chair in Engineering Entrepreneurship. Photo by Hillsman S. Jackson/SMU.
SMU Announces New Chair in Engineering Entrepreneurship
by | Feb 3, 2016
The announcement is a spark that will light many young entrepreneurs’ dreams for inventing, creating, and starting businesses.