Next-Level Loyalty: Canada’s PUG Interactive Expands into Texas with a Game-Changing Play in Brand Engagement

by | Oct 25, 2023
Emerging from stealth in North Texas after 10+ years of R&D in Canada, PUG Interactive is out to prove there's a better way for brands to engage people. "Dallas-Fort Worth is the birthplace of loyalty," says Steve Bocska, PUG's CEO. "We're disrupting loyalty. What better place to do it than where loyalty was created?"
Anthropic, Google, Microsoft, and OpenAI To Launch AI Frontier Model Forum
by | Jul 27, 2023
The forum aims to ensure safe and responsible development of frontier AI models that could "exceed the capabilities currently present in the most advanced existing models." A core objective: Collaborating with policymakers, academics, civil society, and companies to share knowledge about trust and safety risks. "We're all going to need to work together to make sure AI benefits everyone," said Google and Alphabet's president of global affairs.