Alvaro Luque

Avocados From Mexico Announces PANTONE Color, Home Accessories Line, Multisensory Experience

by | Jan 19, 2023
As you'd expect, the PANTONE color emulates the tones you see when you cut into a perfectly ripe avocado. The company has timed the color release and its home and kitchen accessories launch ahead of this year's Super Bowl. The company's "multisensory" marketing strategy also includes a new Sonic DNA audio identity.
How Avocados From Mexico Is Breaking the Produce Mold to Keep Up With the Superfruit’s Industry Boom
by | Jul 21, 2021
After closing a record fiscal year of 2.4 billion pounds of avocados imported, Avocados from Mexico CEO and President Alvaro Luque talks company culture, investing in innovation, and how to reinvent marketing for produce by focusing on the "triangle of power."