Dallas Innovates Digital Ad Specs

by | Sep 7, 2023

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Dallas-Based Doable Launches as ‘First-Ever’ Creative Agency Founded, Staffed by Talent With Disabilities
Pioneering a new frontier in advertising, Doable's founders have forged a strategic partnership with global network Worldwide Partners and independently established a research institute. Their target: an underrepresented $480 billion consumer market.
Fort Worth’s Launches ZTV for Audience-Targeted CTV Advertising
by | Jul 19, 2023
Connected TV—or CTV—advertising refers to video ads that are delivered via a streaming service during a viewer's movie, television show, or other video content, and then watched on an actual TV set.
streaming commercial flat fee virtual production shoot iphone
Sophos Marketing Teams Up With Small Businesses on Flat-Fee Virtual Production Shoots
by | Oct 7, 2020
By using just an iPhone in the process, the Frisco agency can remotely make high-definition, highly-targeted commercials for its clients.

Follow the Money: Aligned Energy Gets $495M, TPG Fund Nets $1.7B; AT&T Buys Ad Platform

by | Oct 24, 2019
In this weekly roundup of funding, merger, and acquisition activity involving companies in North Texas, you’ll also find news from Trinity Private Equity Group, Crestline Investors, Lone Star Analysis, and Baymark Partners.
MarTech: Tapping into Geolocation Using AI for Advertising Success
by | Aug 13, 2018
Fort Worth-based has been pioneering geolocation-based advertising since 2010 and has experienced rapid growth and awards while also adding clients.
DriveAds turns semi-truck trailers into rolling billboards
DriveAds Inks Deal With Fleet Management Tech Leader Omnitracs
by | Jun 6, 2018
The DriveAds technology turns trailers into rolling billboards and monitors the demographics of eyeballs that see the advertising.
Glass-Media founder Daniel Black
Q+A: Seeing is Glass-Media’s Defibrillator to Resuscitate Brick and Mortar Retailers
by | May 23, 2018
The Dallas-based startup has re-imagined the way customers see, engage, and even interact with a brand when shopping. Ahead of tonight's Digital Dallas Startup Comedy Roast founder Daniel Black talks about his vision for Glass-Media.

Dallas’ Reel FX Spins Off Advertising Arm Into Company ‘Challenging the Status Quo’

by | Feb 22, 2018
ATK PLN will have offices in Dallas, Hollywood, and Montreal and can pull talent from Reel FX and its other sister company, Flight School.
RideAlong Media Expands Focus, Reaches 15 States in U.S.
by | Aug 17, 2017
What started as a closed loop of pre-selected advertisements that ran on tablets on the seatback of Uber and Lyft vehicles has morphed into a self-guided and interactive in-car directory powered by Google Places.
Jana Boone, Calvin Carter, Mark McKinney and, Andrew Sevin
Bottle Rocket Expands Leadership, Strategic Roles
by | May 9, 2017
CEO Calvin Carter says the moves will bring greater focus and firepower to the evolving business.
Nathan Hanks
Plano Music Marketing Startup
MAX Raises $6M in Funding
by | Mar 3, 2017
The goal of the Music Audience Exchange is to pair musicians with big brands for advertising campaigns.