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Dallas Invents: 121 Patents Granted for Week of August 23
by | Sep 7, 2022
Dallas-Fort Worth ranked No. 121 for patents out of 250 metros. Patents granted include:7-Eleven's Event Trigger Based On Region-Of-Interest Near Hand-Shelf Interaction, Coronado Aesthetics' Delivery Of Nanoparticles, Her Technologies' Skin Rejuvenation Device, IBM's Assisted Smart Device Context Performance Information Retrieval, Intuit's Optimization Based On Archetypes, Match Group's System And Method For Modifying A Preference, Red River Tea's Touchless Beverage Dispensing Valve, Sigl-G's Geothermal Power Generation, Solo Brands' Combustible Fuel Burning Stove With Spark Arrestor, Toyota's Off-Highway Auto Ev Mode, ZscalerCloud-Based Virtual Private Access Systems And Methods For Application Access , Siemens Industry Software's Isometric Control Data Generation for Test Compression and Vive Scientific's Apparatus For Tissue Ablation Using Radiofrequency Energy And Method Of Use
Dallas Invents: 155 Patents Granted for Week of August 16
by | Aug 31, 2022
Bank of America's correction, synchronization, and migration of databases, Berkshire Biomedical's computerized oral prescription administration with refillable medication dispensing devices, UT Systems' cancer cell trap, Cleanspray USA's disinfection system for mass transit vehicles, Fujifilm Medical Systems' detecting errors in artificial intelligence engines, Knightscope's autonomous parking monitor, Micron Technology's modified checksum using a poison data pattern, Texas Instruments' handling non-correctable errors, Textron Innovations' fuel cell powered line-replaceable thrust module, The Nielsen Company's methods and apparatus to improve usage crediting in mobile devices, and UNT's ultrasonic through-wall sensors.