Startups Making Health Care More Accessible Via Apps

A couple of apps launched recently in North Texas are helping connect people to life-saving medical care.

health care

Dallas startup Solv launched a new app that helps patients schedule medical appointments with urgent care centers.

And, it automatically finds centers that take your insurance. The costs are presented upfront, too.

The app went live recently after a six-month beta test, NBC5 DFW reported.

“In health care, as we know, we kind of lag a little bit, but I think with this kind of system and app, it’s really in the palm of your hand,” Dr. Khoshnood Ahmad at Pediatric Urgent Care of North Texas in Frisco told NBC5. 

Another startup called PulsePoint has partnered with the Grapevine Fire Department to offer a new service in the city. The PulsePoint Respond app notifies people who are CPR trained when there’s a cardiac event nearby, NBC5 reported. It also directs them to the nearest defibrillator.

The app, activated by Grapevine emergency dispatchers, gives patients a chance to receive life-saving medical care before paramedics arrive.

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