Sevis Systems Launches Trusted Caller ID on Its Hybrid Call Verification and Customer Engagement Platform

Trusted Caller ID helps an enterprise reach its target customers efficiently and protects its customers’ data from nefarious and fraudulent scammers.

Plano-based telecom security company Sevis Systems allows companies to personalize the caller ID experience through a newly launched technology, Trusted Caller ID, on its eCallMe! verification and customer services platform. 

Sevis Systems’ eCallMe! is what the company calls the first enterprise solution available on both Apple and Android devices, regardless of manufacturer, operating system, or carrier. Its primary objective is to help businesses gain customers’ trust in phone calls and protect their identities.

“Trusted Caller ID gives enterprises complete control over their mobile caller ID experience so that they can deliver the information that customers need to confidently answer their calls,” Rommie Gomez, VP of Sales and Business Development at Sevis, said in a statement.

When someone has received a call from an unrecognized number, they ask themselves “who is calling, why are they calling, and can I trust this call,” Gomez explains.

Trusted Caller ID provides solutions to these key questions through a secure cloud-based portal that allows contact center representatives to send a pre-call notification to a customer’s device. 

The pre-call notification indicates the call’s purpose, the enterprise’s phone number, and timing of the call to the customer.

When an enterprise calls the customer, they can display the purpose for the call, a verified call identifier, and a branded logo on the customer’s mobile call screen.

If a fraudulent wrongdoer attempts to reach the customer, Trusted Caller ID will display a fraudulent call warning. Consequently, Trusted Caller ID does not disclose any personally identifiable information, which helps protect the customer’s data. 

eCallMe! was originally designed to easily merge with an enterprise’s current outbound call infrastructure. It has a calendar function that enables customers and enterprises to schedule calls.

Market research has shown that 90 percent of unrecognized calls go unanswered, which drives up the costs for businesses to reach their target customer. 

“Because of the flood of unrecognized calls received on a daily basis, customers rarely answer the phone,” Fletcher Hamilton, chief executive officer of Sevis, said in a statement. “Enterprises are realizing that the current way of doing business over the phone is inefficient.”

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