Right Brain Factory Channels Creative Instincts into Branding

Coppell native Brad Neathery has assembled a team to help entrepreneurs reach their potential through branding.

Brad Neathery

The left brain is the place that controls logic, analysis, and computation. The right brain controls creativity and imagination, among other things.

Coppell entrepreneur Brad Neathery realized his strengths are right-brain oriented, and that’s where he came up the the name for his new endeavor, Right Brain Factory, a creative agency based at the Collective Office coworking space. 


Neathery said that he and his team — a collaborative of freelance and contract talent — work together to turn brands into movements, and that his lifelong connection to the city helps him run his business. 

“We work with brands who are not trying to compete with other brands in the industry, but rather, brands that are interested in competing with the industry itself,” Neathery told the Carrollton Leader.

“We take on brands who are ready to start an industry-shaking movement for the better of mankind.”
Brad Neathery

Neathery and his team begin by listening to the client and evaluating third-party data to understand the industry, the competition, the brand’s current strengths, weaknesses, opportunities and threats.

They do a synthesis of which direction to take the brand, and then identify the brand’s target audience. Right Brain Factory starts production by telling the brand’s story through design, communications, web design and development, photography, and film.

“We’ve since transitioned into working almost exclusively with industry-disrupting startups,” Neathery told the Carrollton Leader. “We take on brands who are ready to start an industry-shaking movement for the better of mankind.”

More information about Right Brain Factory can be found here, and more from the Q&A in the Carrollton Leader can be found here. 

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