Public Transport Technology: Taming the Wild West

Digital Fight Club's Fight #1 will feature Robert Mundinger, founder of TheMap.io, versus Steven Duong, associate vice president of AECOM's Design + Planning and Economics, as the Fighters.

Editor’s note: Dallas Innovates is the media sponsor for Digital Fight Club on Aug. 28. Digital Fight Club is a no-holds-barred event that pits technology experts against each other in a head-to-head, rapid-fire discussion on a hot-button topic rooted in innovation. Read the story of how it came to be here.

And, before the main event at the end of the month, Founder Michael Pratt will be previewing what audience members can expect each round. Fight #1 is below.

Controversy? What Controversy?

It should be no surprise to anyone that the world of public transportation since the advent of Uber and Lyft along with countless scooter and bike companies has not only been turned upside down but has its share of controversy as well.

Digital Fight Club gets its topics from the Fjord Trends report (An Accenture company) and top of the list was the ongoing problem of insufficient regulation and urban planning leading to the free for all currently taking place in the world of public (and private) transportation.

This battle takes center stage at Digital Fight Club when we pit two DFW experts in the field in a head to head match. Steven Duong, with a long career advising governments in urban planning for AECOM goes up against Robert Mundinger, founder of TheMap.net, a company fueling the transportation ecosystem with smart location data. Cities vs Companies. Public vs Private. What could possibly go wrong?

Digital Fight Club: An overview of it all

The Untold Story of How Digital Fight Club Came to Be
Now in its fourth year, Digital Fight Club is returning later this month to the Granada Theater in Dallas. Take a look inside the upcoming fight night and the events that led to its creation.

Fight #2

Silence: To Digitally Disconnect or Not
The Fighters for Digital Fight Club’s second Fight are Lee Harrison, CEO of Thru, versus Stephen Ellis, CTO of Plymouth AI.

[Photo: Courtesy Digital Fight Club]

Fight #3

Silence: To Digitally Disconnect or Not
Meet the Fighters for the third round of Digital Fight Club: Jennifer Zientz, head of clinical services at the Center for BrainHealth, versus Michelle Adams, founder and president at Marketing Brainology.

[Photo: Courtesy Digital Fight Club]

Fight #4

Synthetic Reality: Does Real Even Matter?
For Fight #4 of Digital Fight Club, Farrukh Malik, CEO of Roomored, will go up against Steve Nix, CEO of ForwardXP.

[Photo: Courtesy Digital Fight Club]

Fight #5

Get to Know Me: Data, Personalization, and Privacy
Fight #5 of Digital Fight Club puts Andy Chen, SVP of +1 Labs at Match Group, and Mike Orren, chief product officer at The Dallas Morning News and president at Belo Business Intelligence, against each other.

[Photo: Courtesy Digital Fight Club]

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