Plano Hospital Introduces Blood Vending Machine

The BloodTrack Emerge machine is the first of its kind in Texas and requires doctors and nurses to scan their badges for access.


In hospital trauma departments, time is critical in the fight to save lives, particularly if the patient is in need of blood.

The Medical Center of Plano has begun using a vending machine that hastens delivery of blood when needed to treat a patient.

“Every second counts when you’re trying to take care of those trauma patients,” surgeon Mark Tucker told “Every second feels like a minute or 10 minutes.” reported the BloodTrack Emerge machine is the first of its kind in Texas, and is stocked with blood bags. The machine sits in the hospitals’ emergency department.

D Healthcare Daily reported the machine costs $70,000 to $80,000.

Doctors and nurses scan their badges and receive a blood bag from the machine. That keeps them from having to run to the blood bank.

At Medical Center of Plano, potentially 30-40 patients a month need blood transfusions or blood products during their “golden hour,” the critical one-hour time period after a traumatic injury, according to NBCDFW.

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