Paycom: Helping Others Through Technology

Brad Smith, CIO, Paycom

Recently, I had the opportunity to participate as a panelist at a technology conference. Someone asked what I remain passionate about in my job after so many years at Paycom. My answer was simple: My continued ability to positively impact the lives of others through the technology we build at Paycom. This technology is solving real problems, including something that impacts us all: our payroll. 

Paycom recently worked with Morning Consult on a survey to see how people are impacted by payroll errors. According to the poll, 1 out of 5 Americans have experienced at least one payroll error in the last year, and 80% were forced to act. This created difficult decisions such as skipping utility bill payments, overdrawing checking accounts, forgoing groceries, or missing rent. 

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We’re combating those errors through Beti®. Beti allows employees to find and fix errors before payroll submission—right in the Paycom app. Beti creates a true disruption in the industry for the better. 

Growth also inspires me. 

Since we opened our 150,000-square-foot operations center in Grapevine in 2022, we’ve added many talented members to our team. Our Grapevine office is our largest workspace outside our Oklahoma City headquarters.

We know to spur innovation, we need to grow more than our offices; we need to grow our people. This has been a fundamental pillar of Paycom’s success since it was founded by our CEO, Chad Richison, in 1998. I started at Paycom in 2005, and I’ve witnessed tremendous growth not only in our IT and tech departments, but across the company. We like to say Paycom is a career accelerator, and I’ve seen many talented colleagues take their careers to new heights. 

One reason growth comes naturally is our learning, upskilling, recognition, and leadership development programs are second to none. In our IT department, for example, events like Codeathon (a marathon technology weekend that helps our teams bond through shared problem-solving and competition) promotes a culture of connection, which fosters innovation. 

We’re building software that enhances lives and creating a culture where people can thrive. Now that’s inspiring.

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