North Texas Startup Sprinkl Taps Lawn Watering Market


Lawn watering is one of the most-regulated things we do in North Texas as cities and homeowners seek to conserve water and lower their bills. 

Neil Geren, a serial entrepreneur from Frisco, has launched a new company called Sprinkl that makes a smart irrigation device called Conserve. 

The device helps save water and can sync to a city’s water restrictions and local weather, The Dallas Morning News reported. It can hook up to any sprinkler system and be controlled by a smart phone or a tablet. 

The startup recently raised $300,000 from angel investor Ian Woodward-Smith, who is joining the Sprinkl leadership team. 

And, the company received a $1.1 million credit line to develop a new irrigation controller our for release next spring or summer, the Morning News said. 

You can find our more about this new sprinkler technology here.

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