Lauren Hasson: Time Tracking App Acquired by Dallas-Based Company

Five Pack Creative recently purchased the Hours Time Tracking app

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It takes a special product to stand out in Apple’s relatively crowded App Store and for the past two years the Hours Time Tracking app has done just that.

With its unique user experience and beautiful interface, Hours has continued to “wow” droves of users, members of the press, and even Apple. Now, this acclaimed app has been acquired by Dallas’s own Five Pack Creative.

FPC initially partnered with Hours to build the app. After recognizing the potential it helped create, FPC jumped at the opportunity when the app was recently made available to purchase. Now, the future of the popular iPhone app rests with the Dallas company — and the future looks bright.


The Hours acquisition, which happened in early July, officially makes FPC the proud new owners of the Hours Time Tracking iOS app, Apple Watch app, and web app, which includes the new Hours for Teams.

FPC has inherited an already great product, but its ultimate goal is to make Hours even better.

Five Pack Creative

Five Pack Creative Co-founder Kevin Legg

“Our passion for the product runs deep,” said Kevin Legg, FPC co-founder. “The current Hours experience is great and we are devoted to continuing that high level of quality.”

For now, it is focusing on making regular updates and improvements to the Hours for Teams app, which Five Pack Creative currently uses as its app development company’s sole method for tracking and billing time. As for the existing Hours customers, FPC will be honoring all commitments made prior to the acquisition.


In 2008, Jerry Beers co-founded Five Pack Creative, a team of designers, developers, and quality assurance analysts devoted to creating beautiful mobile apps. It has been part of the development process on hundreds of apps, including American Airlines, Match.com, Playback by MultiTracks, and many more.

A few short years ago, Beers and his business partner, Legg, were approached by Tapity about filling a hole in the App Store where a decent time tracking app should have been. Understanding the need for such a product, Beers and Legg were anxious to begin.

“From the first time we started talking about Hours, we’ve been excited for its potential,” Beers said.

Five Pack Creative

Five Pack Creative Co-founder Jerry Beers

Through combined efforts and much hard work, Hours was launched in the App Store in July 2014. Within the first 24 hours, the time tracking app had already achieved some amazing things: Apple had already featured it and it had earned praise from countless publications, including LifeHacker, TechCrunch, and Forbes.

The following years would see a handful of brilliant updates, including an iPhone widget, a version for the Apple Watch, cloud integration, a web app, Hours for Teams, as well as hundreds of 4 and 5-star user reviews.

Naturally, when the opportunity to purchase such a successful app presented itself, FPC had to say yes.

“We’re very grateful for the opportunity to acquire the product,” Beers said. “We are excited to use this as a launching point for what’s to come.”

To keep up with FPC during these exciting times, you can visit its website or follow the company on Twitter, Facebook, and LinkedIn.

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