It’s Supernatural: Poo-Pourri Founder Suzy Batiz Launches New All-Natural Cleaning Line

Supernatural is good for the environment, good for your home, and good for you. Crafted with essential oils, plants, and minerals, the new line is so natural, it literally wants you to #CleanButtNaked.

Cleaning is one of those things that nobody actually enjoys doing (and if you do, all power to ya), but if you don’t want to live in filth, it just has to get done. However, if anyone can make that experience bearable it’s probably Suzy Batiz: The inventor of Poo-Pourri who hilariously put the joy in and took the stink out of going No. 2. Well, Batiz has done it again with her newest creation, a line of natural cleaning products crafted with Conscious Concentrates — supernatural.

A self-proclaimed game-changer, supernatural is good for the environment, your most sacred spaces, and perhaps most revolutionary, for you. Crafted with an all-natural formula, packaged in recyclable materials, and shipped as just-add-water concentrates, the brand has one of the lowest carbon footprints in the industry — and smell nice, too.

“The aroma therapeutic benefits of supernatural’s oils activate the senses, creating a little something we like to call an extrasensory cleaning experience,” Batiz, the founder and CEO, said in a statement. If we have to clean, we may as well figure out how to enjoy it, to have fun with it and choose it.”

The supernatural cleaning concentrates starter kit is available online and on goop. [Photo: Courtesy supernatural]

Batiz says she knew everyone could do better as a planet and as human beings, so she set out to create something benefiting both. The products were developed, tried, and tested with “Mother Nature’s finest,” like essential oils, plants, and minerals.

Since the formulas are concentrated, supernatural doesn’t have to ship actual water to you, and is instead designed to be used with reusable glass bottles. The introductory $75 Starter Kit comes with four glass vials of the Conscious Concentrates, one for every part of your home — bath and tile, wood and floors, glass and mirrors, countertops and granite — and is each paired with a glass bottle. The 1 fl oz. concentrates are sold separately for $40.

The intent is a revolutionized way of cleaning: no rubber gloves needed, no smelly chemicals added, a “get-the-funk-out” formula, and a freaky clean guarantee.

#CleanButtNaked with supernatural

In fact, supernatural is so good for you, the newly launched campaign has a simple message for how it wants you to clean — butt naked.

Shot in the natural lands and parks of Oregon, the promotional photos feature models baring — literally — their hearts, their souls, and their (NSFW) bottoms. The campaign has a European flair with its take-it-off mentality, beautifully illustrating the natural connection between human beings and the great outdoors. Supernatural gets a little cheeky, too, saying it wants to liberate you from your chores and your clothes.

But it’s not surprising, coming from Dallas-based Suzy Batiz. As an expert in entrepreneurial intuition — she created the $400 million Poo-Pourri debt-free without any investors — Batiz has created an empire by tackling the taboo.

“If we have to clean, we may as well figure out how to enjoy it, to have fun with it and choose it.”
Suzy Batiz

“My body is my tuning fork,” Batiz told Fast Company last year of tuning into this intuition. “I spend a lot of my day asking, ‘Does this feel right?’ That’s not talked about in most workplaces. It should be.”

On the supernatural website, Batiz says she can actually feel the effects of aromatherapeutic essential oils, and she wanted to share that natural magic with others.

“It took my hippie chemist friend and I two years to develop the (truly) natural concentrates that had me smelling them even when I wasn’t cleaning,” she says on the site. “It was one of those aromas that you just can’t fathom until you experience it first hand. Needless to say, I fell in love.”

If you’re interested in cleaning your conscience, your home, and your way of well, cleaning, the first limited batch of supernatural is exclusively available online or on goop. Currently, the supernatural starter set is sold out on goop, but luckily for Dallasites, it will also be sold at the goop pop-up in Highland Park Village.

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