‘It’s Not Complicated, It’s Tutoring’: Dallas Startup Takes a Holistic Approach to Education

Minority-owned INC Tutoring has found success in its holistic, prescriptive approach to education. The results? Students—mostly students of color—have earned 95 percent As and Bs in more than 48 subjects.

Jay Veal, CEO of INC Tutoring, wants to close the gaps in achievements, beliefs, and opportunities. Through his startup, It’s Not Complicated Tutoring (or INC), Veal aims to lead the way in educational support outside of the classroom. 

Jay Veal of INC Tutoring

INC uses what it calls “a holistic, prescriptive approach” to help students retain knowledge with its “360 wraparound service.” It’s been labelled the top African American-owned private tutoring company in North Texas and the Southern U.S.

Veal’s original background was in IT and tech until about 2008, when he was lured into the world of education. He started by teaching in the classroom for four and a half years covering courses from Math Models and AQR to Algebra and AP Calculus. 

As an educator, Veal says he noticed a gap in what students of color were getting both in and out of the classroom. Oftentimes, there wasn’t a ton of support from people who looked like them.

So, he decided to take a different approach—he realized students of color needed to be tutored in scenarios that weren’t group- or center-based, launching INC Tutoring in 2015.

With the proper guidance and trust, Veal’s idea was that relationships could be built that would later translate to academic results. Part of this inclusive mindset comes from INC Tutoring providing staff that can connect with students of color.

Veal says this approach has helped his students (mostly students of color) earn a 95 percent success rate of As and Bs in more than 48 subjects.

“Our staff is primarily comprised of people of color who are brilliant and of a top caliber as well who can genuinely relate to our student population in ways that others cannot do or duplicate,” Veal told Dallas Innovates. “They need something that hits home for them and a learning environment that is very much so inclusive while building solid relationships.” He also talks about this more in his TEDx talk. 

Many parents don’t know how to help their kids with their homework or prepare for exams, so INC provides those resources. INC Tutoring begins its process with a complimentary consultation to form a relationship with the student. Then, they assemble a communication circle of influence—parents, teachers, counselors, students, and tutoring consultants—and ensure everyone is on the same page.

Students from five years old to doctorate-level subjects are welcome to use the services in subjects like STEM, test prep, english, reading, writing, and foreign language. INC Tutoring also provides back-end support that can assist students outside of the tutoring sessions and academic counseling.

“Between the state curriculum, online books from the student’s school districts or private schools/charter schools, and our own resources, students always have what they need to be successful at INC Tutoring,” Veal said. “As a primarily millennial-driven org, we have to use technology to our advantage.”

Today, INC Tutoring has earned 11 awards for its holistic approach to private tutoring combined with mentoring and back-end support, according to Veal. 

Veal and his brand are growing too, with plans to release an appeal line based on STEM and business that also has a social component in Spring 2020. 

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