Intelligent Connect Reduces Call Wait Time For Health-Care Business Offices

The technology promotes efficiency while increasing the amount of money recovered for health-care providers.

Plano-based Intelligent Contacts announced the release of what it calls a breakthrough in speeding up insurance reimbursements in the health-care industry.

The product, called Intelligent Connect, uses technology that reduces the amount of wait time providers face when calling payers, the company said in a release.

“These wait times can be very long and tie up staff for most of the day.”
Jeff Mains

“These wait times can be very long and tie up staff for most of the day,” CEO Jeff Mains said in the release. “This technology is making a huge impact for our health-care partners.”

The company said the technology works by navigating through the Interactive Voice Response prompts and waits on hold for the provider until the call is answered. Then, it immediately transfers the live call to the health-care provider.

That allows business offices to work more claims with less staff, increase staff productivity, recover cash more quickly, and free up more time to work on complex reimbursement, Intelligent Contacts said.

“I don’t think anyone gets into the health-care profession thinking they will spend four to five hours a day listening to hold music on a loop,” Mains said. “Providers care about the health of their patients and want to make a difference in their lives. We believe our specialized suite of communication and payment systems allow them to focus on just that.”

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