iLumaware Uses Radar to Give Cyclist Safety a Kickstart

Dallas based iLumaware is putting cyclist safety on driver’s radar with a new bicycle taillight prototype.


Dallas-based iLumaware is developing a product that gives those who pedal along our streets a better chance of making it home safely.

The device is a mountable bicycle taillight called Shield TL that is equipped with On The Radar technology that makes your bicycle more visible to cars equipped with crash avoidance systems. The company is conducting a Kickstarter campaign.

The company said the project will be funded if $70,000 is raised by Nov. 11.

According to the iLumaware, the device emits radar at a frequency equal to that of vehicles equipped with crash avoidance systems. Cars with the system send out radar signals and pick up the frequency of the Shield TL, making cyclists visible from distances up to two football fields away. That’s about 600 yards.

Without this technology, cyclists are only visible from 45-60 meters which, according to the site, makes it impossible for drivers going faster than 38 mph to stop in time and avoid a collision with a cyclist.

“There are currently over 57 million cyclists on the U.S. roads alone and as our population increases, as there’s more cars out there, there’s more cyclists out there. What needs to happen is more communication between the two to prevent collisions,” Chris Mogridge Co-Inverter and COO of iLumaware said in a video on the company’s Kickstarter page. “The auto industry is changing fairly rapidly, right now cars today are coming equipped with Crash Avoidance Systems. […] What we have done, we have created a product to interact with that front looking crash avoidance system which will prevent a potential collision.”

Granted, not all cars are equipped with CAS radar, but iLumaware said that sales on CAS-equipped vehicles in the U.S. has risen from 60 percent to 83 percent from 2013 to 2016.

With the rise of radar equipped vehicles, the Shield TL’s OTR technology is another important pedal forward in cyclist safety.

“As a cyclist we want to all go out and have a good time on the bike but the most important thing is to make it back home and see your family,” Mogridge said.

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