IGotBerries App Puts Help One Button Away After an Arrest

With a push of the "SOS" button, an arrested person can notify a predetermined lawyer, bail bondsman, or family member.


Are you in need of help from a lawyer, bail bondsman, or you dad after being pulled over by a police officer and arrested? Fear not, there’s an app for that, too, and it’s called iGotBerries.

Richardson-based startup iGotBerries has released a free app that allows users to make their “one phone call” long before they’re booked contacting a predefined person to get help on the way.

IGotBerries refers to the red and blue lights that flash atop police cars.

“It’s like hitting the slide in football. You have to hit it a few times to get it moving.”
Cody W. Martin on rolling out an app

Cody W. Martin, the founder and “one-man band” behind the app said his company is in the process of releasing a 99 cent “pro” version that allows users to record their interactions with police officers.

Martin said he knows that building his business will be gradual.

“It’s like hitting the slide in football,” he said. “You have to hit it a few times to get it moving.”

Here’s how it works:

Once a user is pulled over by law enforcement, the user opens the app and activates the “SOS” button. The user has 15 minutes to clear the notification — if all goes well — or the app will call for help to a predefined family member, lawyer, or bail bondsman.


Martin said things are going well for the app, despite having just hit the market.

“We’ve already had a few folks utilize the service,” including one person in Albuquerque, New Mexico, Martin said.

Lawyers and bail bondsmen can sign up to represent one of 3,000 counties in the nation that are covered by the app. Once a user activates the SOS button, an email automatically is sent with a Google Maps location and contact information of the provider.

IGotBerries is available through Google Play for Android and iTunes for Apple devices.

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