How to Get Your Boss to Send You to S.H.E. Summit Dallas

Munck Wilson Mandala invites you to S.H.E. Summit Dallas—Aug. 29, 2019, at the Hilton Anatole. Experience a full day of keynotes, panel discussions, and networking focused on diversity and inclusion.

Just because something is the status quo doesn’t make it right and doesn’t mean we have to accept it. 50 years ago, women needed their husband’s or father’s approval to get credit. We have certainly made great strides since then, but our advancement toward gender equality has a long way to go. In May 2019, the number of female CEOs in the Fortune 500 was 6.6 percent.

Progress is the result of people participating in important conversations, educating themselves, and implementing change into their lives. Progress is the product of minorities and their allies advocating for their causes. It does not come to those who wait. It comes to those who participate.

S.H.E. Summit Dallas is an opportunity to participate. We provide a safe space for people to address the important and complex issues surrounding corporate diversity. Through these conversations, attendees become the future of D&I efforts and are able to bring the discussion on corporate inclusivity back to their workplaces. Conversation spurs action, and action spurs change. Companies, from small businesses to giants such as Samsung and Morgan Stanley, have become more inclusive thanks to the discussions that originated at S.H.E. Summit.

Perhaps your boss is unsure of whether sending you to S.H.E. Summit Dallas is worthwhile. If so, below are some suggestions on how to prove to your boss the positive return on the investment of sending you and your coworkers to S.H.E. Summit Dallas.

Innovation starts with new perspectives

The truth is that it is easy to fall into one mindset and stay within it. The speakers of S.H.E. Summit, who include Ultimate Workout owner Casey Librizzi, James Pogue Enterprises CEO Dr. James Pogue, and LOYT founder Cheralyn Stevenson, spark realization and inspiration within attendees. Through their moving stories of unapologetically living their own truths, these speakers give attendees a new perspective on D&I and start conversations that attendees can then take back to their workplaces. S.H.E. Summit Dallas attendees return with fresh perspectives on diversity and new ideas on how to make their companies more inclusive. By sending employees to S.H.E. Summit Dallas, bosses cultivate workers who are inspired and equipped to make their workplaces more diverse and inclusive.

The pitch to your boss: By sending employees to S.H.E. Summit Dallas, you expose them to eye-opening innovators and empower them to return to the workplace with fresh perspectives.

A safe place to discuss complex issues

The complicated nature of D&I issues can make discussions around them feel uncomfortable or intimidating. Within the workplace, conversations about diversity are often avoided or inadequately addressed because of how sensitive and complex they are. S.H.E. Summit Dallas provides people a safe place to start a dialogue about D&I, which they can then bring back to their workplaces. Attendees return viewing D&I issues as solvable and approachable instead of frightening and insurmountable.

The pitch to your boss: By sending employees to S.H.E. Summit Dallas, you allow them to comfortably start a difficult but necessary conversation and remove the taboo associated with D&I discussions.

Diversity drives better results

Attendees connect with S.H.E. Summit speakers, sponsors, and attendees and benefit from fresh perspectives and demonstrated results that lead to positive change.

The pitch to your boss: By sending employees to S.H.E. Summit Dallas, you allow them to learn, connect, and activate leadership to new levels by providing diverse perspectives, demonstrated results, and tactical tools that lead to positive change and social impact in the workplace.

S.H.E. Summit Dallas’ goal is to spur conversation and change through connection, education, and activation. We facilitate the discussion of important issues, spark a desire to continue addressing these issues, and equip attendees with the tools necessary to maintain their momentum and turn conversation into action. Though S.H.E. Summit Dallas is on August 29th, it does not begin or end then. Just like change, it begins when you decide to participate and stops when you choose to quit being a part of the conversation.

So, will you participate?

Tickets can be purchased HERE.
Cost for general admission is $250 per ticket.
Cost for general admission and the VIP Networking Breakfast is $300 per ticket.
Group rate prices are also available.

Take a look at last year’s S.H.E. Summit Dallas

S.H.E. Summit Bacardi presented by Munck Wilson Mandala at the Omni in Dallas, Texas on August 16, 2018.

Images are courtesy of Gregg Ellman.

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