Corgan and TMGcore Team Up to Downsize Data Centers

The companies will unveil conceptual designs for the new data centers—intended to be a tenth of the traditional sizing—in November to show off the "groundbreaking technology."

Two North Texas companies, TMGcore and Corgan, have formed a new partnership dedicated to re-envisioning data centers—making them smaller, more efficient, and a tenth of a typical size.

TMGcore is a Plano-based emerging technology solutions and equipment provider, while Corgan is a Dallas-based architectural design firm.

While the pair has already made the announcement, we’re going to have to wait to find out how they plan to do it. New conceptual designs of the center will be released Nov. 18-21 at Supercomputing 2019 (SC19) in Denver, Colorado. Currently, TMGcore’s website displays a large countdown clock to the unveiling.

But, what we do know is that TMGcore’s groundbreaking technology, when paired with Corgan’s design and expertise, will change the way data centers are designed and operated. 

TMGcore CEO John-David Enright says TMGcore is already scaling the size of traditional data centers without decreasing the processing power. In partnering with Corgan, it will be able to offer a solution that’s significantly smaller for the same or greater compute capacity, while still having room to scale up if needed.

“Today’s companies are seeking more data processing, higher densities and quicker deployments, yet the available land has become increasing scarce and cost prohibitive,” Enright says. “Users don’t have the space to add the additional data centers to handle the increasing demand.”

Reduced data center footprints means faster deployment

Corgan—in partnership with its R&D practice, HUGO—has assisted TMGcore in exploring the implications of a reduced compute footprint and faster deployments. As TMGcore’s architect, Corgan aims to help clients re-imagine what a data center might be for them, likely pushing the boundaries of what is easily deployable with most data centers. 

Corgan was the first to formalize the data center architecture practice forty years ago, CEO Scott Ruch told Dallas Innovates. So, this new partnership is going to move the future forward.

“We move fast at Corgan—leading our clients to agile solutions that anticipate and respond to seismic changes in technology and the way we live and do business,” Scott Ruch, Corgan’s CEO, told Dallas Innovates. “At the forefront of these explorations, we’ve had the opportunity to work on projects that redefine traditional typologies including TMGcore’s data center and Uber Air skyports, which initially introduced TMGcore to our practice.”

The new technology has an increased density, which will allow data centers to be deployed in locations that previously were challenging due to land availability, proximity to other sensitive uses, noise restriction, heat rejection, or the demand of other integrated systems.

Plus, TMGcore’s smaller equipment needs allows for smaller physical structures, permitting Corgan to design data centers in locations that aren’t usually viable, such as within office buildings in a downtown area. TMGcore’s platform will also allow users to utilize trapped infrastructure in existing facilities and add new capacity with reduced footprint impact. 

TMGcore’s 150,000-square-foot facility in Plano opened last year, and is now home to an extensive cryptocurrency mining operation.

TechCrunch previously reported that TMGcore’s cryptocurrency data mining operations greatly lower cooling costs by up to 90 percent. The company’s approach allows for data mining operations to be anywhere, as less energy is used to operate.

TMGcore told Tech Crunch that its technology is transformative and that the company’s goal is to create mining infrastructure in the United States and prevent overseas control of the cryptocurrencies.

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