Don’t Miss These Local Flicks at This Year’s Dallas International Film Festival

This year's 13th annual festival, running from April 11-18, is featuring more than 130 films from over 35 different countries—and we've got the guide to those with local ties.

The Dallas International Film Festival is back—and it appears it’s better than ever. Because for the first time at DIFF, all seats are reserved, and tickets are only available through Atom.

“Each year we strive to improve the customer experience and we are pleased to announce that we will offer a music stage and live performances seven of the eight days of the festival,” said Johnathan Brownlee, CEO & president of Dallas Film and executive director of DIFF, in a statement.

According to Brownlee, the partnership with Atom is the first time a film festival has offered reserved seating, which includes a section of premium seats for Star Pass holders. This year’s event will take place from April 11-18, with screenings at Magnolia Theater in West Village, Studio Movie Grill at Royal Lane, and the Dallas Museum of Art. 

Powered by Capital One, DIFF is the largest film festival in North Texas, garnering over 80,000 attendees last year. The intent is to connect people through shared experiences and art that everyone can relate to—film.

[Image: Courtesy DIFF]

“At DIFF, we understand that film is the most relatable art form and connects individuals through shared experiences,” James Faust, artistic director of Dallas Film, said in a statement. “Hundreds of hours went into hand selecting the films that will be screened at DIFF, and our goal is to offer a variety of fascinating, heartwarming, educational, and insightful films that will be thought-provoking and relatable to DIFF festivalgoers.”

Faust also said that Dallas Film planned numerous other engaging activities throughout the festival to provide the most memorable experience possible, like Q&A sessions with filmmakers, red carpets, and live music performances.

Your Dallas guide to 2019 DIFF

Dallas Film recently announced the full lineup for the 13th annual festival, which includes five world premieres, one U.S. premiere, 37 Texas premieres, and 15 Dallas premieres.

Of the more than 130 films from over 35 different countries, eight have local ties. A full movie lineup can be found online.

Alice Cooper, Live from the Astroturf
Synopsis: 40 years after Alice Cooper parted ways, the band’s surviving members reunited to perform on a small stage of pink astroturf at the Dallas independent music store, Good Records. Chris Penn, the store’s owner and Alice Cooper superfan, managed to keep the event under-wraps—until the rockers hit the stage.
Run time: 70 minutes
Director: Steven Gaddis
Premiere Status: Texas Premiere
For screening times and more information, go here.

Shoot the Moon Right Between the Eyes 
Synopsis: This musical comedy—featuring a local cast—is based on “Two Gallants” by James Joyce and the songs of John Prine, and follows Jerry and Carl as they con their way through small Texas towns. But, the duo’s plan for their final con runs amuck when one of the men falls in love and they have a P.I. hot on their trail.
Run time: 75 minutes
Director: Graham L. Carter
Premiere Status: Texas Premiere
For screening times and more information, go here.

This World Won’t Break
Synopsis: Written, directed, produced, and edited by a Dallas resident, this film is full of iconic local places and folks. When Wes Milligan, a middle-aged Texas troubadour, realizes he isn’t where he’d hoped to be in his career, his life is turned upside down.
Run time: 147 minutes
Director: Josh David Jordan
Premiere Status: World Premiere
For screening times and more information, go here.

Mack Wrestles 
Synopsis: This documentary short takes audiences behind the scenes of Mack Beggs, a gifted athlete from Euless that is struggling with the stigmas against transgender athletes.
Run time: 25 minutes
Director: Taylor Hess, Erin Sanger
For screening times and more information, go here.

Synopsis: From Dallas director Michael Rowley, Hurdle gives an inside look at the lives of Palestinian youth living under military occupation. The two protagonists teach creative practices to local youth to overcome the constant personal and political stress, leading the next generation towards freedom.
Run time: 85 minutes
Director: Michael Rowley
Premiere Status: World Premiere
For screening times and more information, go here.

The Queen’s New Clothes
Synopsis: From a Dallas director, this documentary short follows 90-year-old costume designer Winn Morton. Having honed his craft on Broadway and through the Ringling Brothers Circus, Morton brings extravagance and sparkle to a pageant in a small Texas town.
Run time: 24 minutes
Director: Ashley Bush
For screening times and more information, go here.

The Subject (Le Sujet)
Synopsis: Cutting into his skin with a scalpel, an animator dissects his own body, extracting symbolic objects from the past that will nurture his work. After cracking his ribs, he reaches the heart, and succeeds in identifying the burden he’s been wanting to cast off.
Run time: 10 minutes
Director: Patrick Bouchard
For screening times and more information, go here.

By the Dark of Night
Synopsis: This Dallas-based short from a local director follows a woman that keeps a promise she made long ago to help bury a body. 
Run time: 10 minutes
Director: Farah White
For screening times and more information, go here.

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