The DEC Network Marks a Decade of Driving Innovation in North Texas with 2023 Impact Report

“The currency of our mission is still job creation in parts of the city that really need jobs," Bill Chinn, CEO of DEC Network, told Dallas Innovates.

As The DEC Network anticipates the opening of its new Redbird Innovation Center next year, it reflects on a decade of innovation and growth. Celebrating its 10th anniversary, The DEC Network has unveiled its 2023 Impact Report, highlighting the ‘why’ behind its mission and detailing its significant contributions to the entrepreneurial community in North Texas.

A decade after its founding, The DEC Network—a 501c3 nonprofit organization committed to driving innovation and economic impact in North Texas—continues to expand the support of entrepreneurs in starting, building, and growing their businesses, fostering an environment of collaboration, education, and mentorship.

“The currency of our mission is still job creation in parts of the city that really need jobs,” Bill Chinn, CEO of The DEC Network, told Dallas Innovates. “While the year isn’t complete, we worked with the great folks at Deloitte to identify 430 jobs created so far this year.“

“Opening a new center in Fort Worth and tripling our square footage in Dallas will be the springboard to have even more impact and job creation in 2024,” Chinn added.

The DEC Network CEO Bill Chinn at Dallas Startup Week 2023 held in Frisco this year. [Photo: The DEC Network]

The DEC Network said that the 2023 Impact Report shows its “unwavering commitment” to accelerating founder success via meaningful connections and strategic collaborations with investors, corporations, and public institutions.

Report: “Keeping Entrepreneurs Running in North Texas”

Per the DEC Network, the key highlights from the 2023 Impact Report are:

  • 51 Free Events for the entrepreneurial community: The DEC Network hosted 51 free events, including the five-day Dallas Startup Week, providing invaluable resources, insights, and networking opportunities for entrepreneurs throughout the Dallas-Fort Worth region. 9,600+ attendees: With a commitment to inclusivity and accessibility, The DEC Network attracted more than 9,600 attendees to its diverse range of events fostering a vibrant community of like-minded entrepreneurs.
  • $2.58 million in funding received: Demonstrating tangible results, entrepreneurs within The DEC Network received $2.58 million in funding, further fueling the growth and innovation of their ventures.
  • 9,846+ businesses served: The organization’s impact extended to serving over 9846 businesses, providing essential support and resources crucial for their development.
  • 75% BIPOC or female founders: In a dedicated effort to promote diversity and inclusion, 75% of the entrepreneurs served by The DEC Network were either BIPOC (Black, Indigenous, People of Color) or female founders.
  • 450 jobs created and 2,033 jobs sustained: The DEC Network’s initiatives resulted in the creation of 450 new jobs while also sustaining 2,033 existing jobs, contributing significantly to the economic landscape of the DFW region.

A decade of influence

The DEC Network said the 2023 Impact Report reflects its ongoing dedication to positively and measurably impact the entrepreneurial ecosystem.

The nonprofit network has been a catalyst for innovation and economic growth, providing critical support to entrepreneurs as they embark on the journey of starting, building, and expanding their ventures. With a network of innovation hubs throughout the region, The DEC Network offers an array of resources, including expert-led educational programs, mentorship opportunities, and a vibrant community for entrepreneurs to connect and collaborate.

Since its founding in 2013, The DEC Network has become a cornerstone of the entrepreneurial scene. According to the group, it’s welcomed over 125,000 visitors, hosted upwards of 1,000 educational events, and forged partnerships with more than 100 organizations, all aimed at bolstering the entrepreneurial spirit in North Texas.

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