Dallas’ Work Shield Upgrades its Technology to Continue Keeping Workplaces Safe

Portal 2.0 will offer several new features to upgrade incident reporting and culture data management.

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As the first and only solution to partner with employers to manage the reporting, investigation, and resolution of workplace harassment and discrimination issues, Work Shield is now releasing its Portal 2.0. to upgrade culture data management, incident documentation, and reporting capabilities.

The new portal will offer several new features, including real-time, customizable data and analytics to track trends and intelligent reporting to improve identification of incidents. There’s also an easy-to-use interface for a more streamlined user experience—and the same resources organizations and their members are provided with to preserve, protect, and improve the culture of their companies. 

The latest portal will allow leaders to identify and understand problems with just a click of a button. While organizations currently have access to real-time data, the upgraded, user-friendly interface offers more extensive management of incidents with upload functions for documentation and automated, permission-based notification settings for selected parties.

In addition, the platform will feature a Resource Hub with documents, videos, and tools for an enhanced onboarding and employer/employee experience. With a more organized way to analyze qualitative and quantitative data, employee relation groups, HR, and internal counsel will be able to work more efficiently, reduce risks, and modernize misconduct management.

“Since 2018, Work Shield has remained true to our mission to create safer workplace cultures centered around diversity, inclusion and equity for all,” Jared Pope, CEO and founder of Work Shield, said in a statement. “Our Portal 2.0 is just one example of this continued commitment. We are proud to provide an enhanced and data-driven platform to improve organizations’ understanding of their cultural health, while continuing to empower employees to be heard and giving organizations the tools to listen at scale.” 

When employees have access to an immediate and impartial platforms, they are able to safely voice harassment and discrimination incidents and are ensured employers are investigating issues with care. The Work Shield team is comprised of certified legal professionals who are passionate about enforcing justice and implementing  positivity in the workplace.

Eradicating toxic behavior in the workplace is a multi-faceted approach. Work Shield collaborates with partners such as RSquared, an AI-powered workforce intelligence platform, and empathiHR, an intuitive employee training platform, to successfully transform clients’ cultures from top to bottom.

“Our clients have already shown great interest in complementing their core Work Shield product with RSquared’s ground-breaking AI technology,” Pope previously told Dallas Innovates. “Combining the two solutions helps identify and solve issues faster, as well as provide critical insights during incident investigations. Plus, it gives our clients a way to actually measure and analyze their ongoing diversity, equality and inclusion initiatives.”

Last year, Work Shield increased its client base by more than 250 percent, and just reached another 60 percent in January 2021. 

Portal 2.0 aims to amplify the value of Work Shield’s solution and continue to ensure safe and protected company cultures. 

“Employers should ensure their employees’ voices can truly be heard,” Pope says. “No matter the positive policy changes we make, there will still be incidents at work—between employees, managers, or customers. If employees aren’t able to safely report incidents, cultures will suffer and employers will be at greater risk of legal action.”

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