Dallas Startup Serves Up Veggies in Slice Ready-Made For Burgers

Nature's Serving says it has a new way to make your drive-thru burger more nutritious.


Lack of time and fatigue are common excuses when settling for unhealthy fast food, but Dallas-based Nature’s Serving offers a new way to make drive-thru burgers more nutritious.

Developed with the help of Covance Food Solutions housed on Cornell University’s campus, the vegetable slice contains a whole serving of vegetables. The slice has no cholesterol, gluten, nuts, wheat, soy, potatoes, or dairy, and is low sodium.

“We had to do an extensive search prior to filing for our patent and never found anything like it. Specifically, our patent is based on the delivery of full servings of vegetables in a slice,” said Christopher Plummer, a managing member of Nature’s Serving.

“We had to do an extensive search prior to filing for our patent and never found anything like it.” 
Christopher Plummer

You don’t have to sacrifice taste either on your burgers, you add it just like a slice of cheese, he said. 

“We didn’t want to change the taste of the burger, but enhance it. What we got was something with great texture and melted in your mouth,” said Jairo Senise, another managing member of Nature’s Serving.

Focus group testing found great success among mothers and children. One young boy even asked if he could have another.

The slice would likely cost 75 cents at quick service restaurants; equivalent to adding an extra slice of cheese.

“We wanted something that could be a big commercial proposition which would be good for the world and something we would be proud of doing,” Plummer said.

The product lasts up to 180 days refrigerated making it less perishable than lettuce or other produce.

Nature’s Serving is in negotiations with quick service restaurants and big retailers, and expects to release its product into stores and restaurants later this year or early 2018.

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