Dallas Startup Island Offers a ‘Lifeline’ for Businesses Stranded With Internet Explorer’s End-of-Life Plan

Microsoft's Internet Explorer is on an end-of life plan, but companies still using critical legacy apps may have a lifeline. Unicorn startup Island has announced migration support.

Dallas-based Island recently announced its support for legacy applications that rely on Internet Explorer. The move comes as Microsoft continues to execute its End-of-Life plan for the browser.

While the transition to migrate customers fully off Internet Explorer has been several years in the making, some businesses still need Internet Explorer (IE) to operate critical legacy applications. Island—a startup unicorn valued at $1.3 billion in 2022—wants to provide a lifeline for those firms.

Island CEO Mike Fey

Mike Fey, Island CEO and co-founder, says the company’s customers have asked for help migrating from IE with “as little disruption as possible.”

Island’s “Enterprise Browser” is developed to provide enterprise-grade support and security controls and also offers advanced capabilities like support for Internet Explorer versions 5-11 rendering modes, safe operation of underlying legacy technologies, deep audit-logging, and visibility into all critical application usage, the company says in a news release. The company aims to provide a development-free solution to ensure business continuity for companies during the IE transition period.

A solution for legacy apps that depend on Microsoft IE?

Deploying Island’s Enterprise Browser not only provides business continuity but also opens up new realms of control, visibility, and productivity for both security and IT teams across growing enterprise use cases including securing critical SaaS and internal web applications from data leakage, the company says.

“We are more than happy to do so and provide additional value in the process,” Fey said in a statement. 

Fey and CTO Dan Amiga launched Island in 2022. The company, which emerged from stealth in February of that year with nearly $100 million in funding for its enterprise browser platform. Then, in November 2022, the startup extended its Series B round with a $60 million investment.

Fey wants to redefine the very role of an enterprise browser. The company aims to embed the core needs of an organization in the browser itself to help them gain control over the “last mile” of employee interactions using SaaS tools and internal web apps for a simpler, safer, and more productive experience. 

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