Dallas Lawn Care Startup Adds Robotic Mowers to Offerings

The robotic mowers used by Robin run on electric power.

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For a Dallas lawn care startup, the future of landscaping lies in robots. 

Robin has started offering its customers the option of forgoing the traditional lawn crew in favor of a robotic lawnmower.

According to the company’s website, the bot is quiet, and since it cuts the grass a little each day, gives your lawn a daily “fresh cut” feel. 

Robin has installed 36 robotic lawnmowers and, beginning this month, plans to add 50 more per month, The Dallas Morning News‘ Melissa Repko reported. 

“We realized these things already exist  — we just have to bring them to the U.S.”
Justin Crandall

But, that doesn’t mean it’s planning to eliminate the human touch to lawn care. 

Robin still has to install the robotic mower, which runs on a wire and uses electric power. While the robotic mower takes over the task of cutting the grass, crews can focus attention on edging or trimming shrubs, according to the Morning News.

Robin purchases the mowers from manufacturers and leases them to customers starting at $99 per a month. 

“We started off thinking we could be the first and pioneer this,” Robin CEO and co-founder Justin Crandall told the Morning News. “We realized these things already exist  — we just have to bring them to the U.S.”

Although it didn’t develop the mower, Robin is working on solutions to obstacles it’s faced during the rollout of the service. According to the newspaper, the company has filed a patent for a small door which enables the robotic mower to travel through a fence without letting any pets loose. 

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