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Corgan has a decades-long reputation for great customer service. That unwavering commitment to our clients is the foundation of everything we do. Every decision we make is in our client’s interest. That same commitment extends to the users of the places we create. Our work is based on evidence, experiential research, and hard data—helping us to understand their needs, desires, and dreams. We question deeply to reveal important insights into our clients and the evolving conditions that may impact the long-term value of the design.

To us, our work is only successful if it succeeds on our client’s terms. So we design places to inspire and delight the user while creating real value for our clients. Corgan’s strengths in research, user experience, and design empower us to foresee emerging changes and provide solutions that minimize risk, create flexibility, and maximize longevity. We elevate the process, the space for the user, and the impact of the design on your business. 

Tell us about Corgan’s services.

Interrogating situations, discovering opportunities, and developing intuitive solutions, Corgan designs spaces and novel experiences that chase new ideas and proactively confront the hardest, most vital questions facing our clients, our profession, and our culture. As an extension of our culture of research and development, Hugo is dedicated to exploring emerging technologies and societal shifts to identify new markets and architectural typologies. From client workshops and fully immersive environments to predictive modeling analysis, trend reporting, and moonshot projects, Hugo challenges design to think bigger and broader—cross-pollinating between our areas of expertise to spark ideas and take architecture to the place where innovation happens.

Samantha Flores [Image: Courtesy Corgan]

Innovation comes in many forms—from finished products and processes, to implementation and idea generation. How would you define your company’s innovations?

Born out of an empathetic understanding of the human experience, our goal is to give design a purpose. We reach into the future to educate ourselves on how users will engage with their built environment. Current Hugo explorations range from targeted, community-centric projects to revolutionary ideas that reimagine the future of aerial transportation.
With a heritage in designing exceptional passenger experiences, Corgan continues to explore the evolution of air travel—from commercial airports to smaller, more local jumps with Uber Air and larger leaps made possible with lower-orbit space travel. Exploring how these emerging typologies fit into our cultural contexts and the ways that users will interact with them, Hugo’s spaceport concepts begin to visualize and organize the programming and infrastructure needed for the successful adoption of space travel. The design asks how the spaceport would contribute to our future lifestyles to identify its primary components, consider its sustainability and functionality, and situate the frontier of air travel within a network of buildings and infrastructure that holistically supports the next passenger experience.

How has your industry changed in the past 5 years? What do you predict will happen in the next five to 10 years?

Architecture has made a marked shift to focusing on how the user interacts with and perceives their built environment making it increasingly important to prioritize the right thing, for the right reason, at the right time. Using surveys, research, and immersive observation among a toolkit of resources, we need to think about how these spaces contribute to our world—resisting the temptation of vanity innovations and pressing for solutions that create a better human experience.

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