Dallas’ Bridgford Foods Partners on ‘Tactical Nutrition’ Bars for Both U.S. Military and Consumers

Founded in 1932 as a retail meat market in San Diego, Bridgford Foods is partnering with SOUND Foods and S.O. Tech Tactical on DOWN RANGE Mission Ready Bars. Formed by a patented "ultrasonic agglomeration" process using high-frequency low-amplitude sound waves, the bars are intended "to support small military units" across a broad spectrum of future operating environments.

America’s warfighters need tanks, attack helicopters, anti-air missiles, and more to fulfill their missions. But when they’re out in the field, filling their bellies is just as important. Now a Dallas-based company is partnering to bring them “tactical nutrition” bars formed by “ultrasonic energy”—and consumers will be able to chomp into them, too.

Dallas-based Bridgford Foods Corp.—founded in 1932 as a retail meat market in San Diego—is partnering with SOUND Foods and S.O. Tech Tactical on the new product line, called DOWN RANGE Mission Ready Bars.

L.A.-based SOUND Foods deploys a patented “ultrasonic agglomeration” process using high-frequency low-amplitude sound waves to develop the bars. The technology creates nutrient-dense bars with a “signature taste, texture, and ‘clean burn’ experience,” the company says.

DOWN RANGE bars are intended to support small military units “across a broad spectrum of future operating environments and increase soldier readiness and soldier lethality.”

Bridgford Foods will incorporate SOUND’s tech in its North Carolina facility

DOWN RANGE bars are formed by patented ultrasonic agglomeration technology. [Photo: SOUND Foods]

Bridgford Foods plans to incorporate SOUND’s ultrasonic agglomeration technology into its manufacturing facility in Statesville, North Carolina. SOUND says their partnership “will guarantee the U.S. Department of Defense manufacturing capacity to supply close combat field rations in addition to producing consumer-branded mission ready bars for consumers.”

Bridgford Foods is a Nasdaq-listed company that manufactures frozen bread dough, biscuits, and cinnamon roll doughs, as well as read-to-eat sandwiches, beef jerky, snack, and deli foods. With over 700 employees, Bridgford says its products are sold “in all 50 states.”

“The DOWN RANGE Mission Ready Bars are a testament to SOUND Foods’ dedication to cutting-edge nutrition and food technology,” SOUND Founder and CEO Don Dillon said in a statement. “Our approval from the Joint Services Operational Rations Forum for the US military’s upcoming Meals Ready-to-Eat and Close Combat Assault Ration programs underscore our commitment to quality and efficacy.” 

“Our partnerships with S.O. Tech Tactical and Bridgford Foods are instrumental in bringing this vision to fruition, catering to the high demands of tactical operators in demanding environments,” Dillon added.

SOUND says it has developed several flavors of the DOWN RANGE bars and other products for the U.S. military. It will be releasing them “in the upcoming weeks and months.”

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