Dallas-Based Zabo Is Bringing Cryptocurrency International Through a New Partnership

By integrating with Money Dashboard, a free personal financial management application based in the UK, Zabo will allow users to view their cryptocurrency balances and transaction history in a single location that includes information on any existing bank accounts.

Zabo, a Dallas-based financial data aggregator for cryptocurrency accounts, has formed a partnership with Money Dashboard, a free personal financial management application in the UK, to allow more people to see their cryptocurrency accounts alongside their bank accounts.

Through the deal, Money Dashboard will use Zabo to give its more than 600,000 users access to their cryto balances and transaction history. The tech works with thousands of cryptocurrencies across today’s most commonly used wallets and exchanges, including Coinbase, Binance, Bitstamp, Trezor, and Ledger. It also shows other types of self-custody wallets for Bitcoin and Ethereum, according to a statement.

The Zabo team says the news brings a type of “on-the-ground functionality and connectivity” that could normalize end-user adoption of crypto. If a user is able to view all of their crypto holdings across these various sources in one convenient location—and with any existing bank accounts—they only need one app to see their financial holdings. And that’s what this partnership aims to do.

“Everyday consumers have increasingly become interested in holding, investing in and using cryptocurrencies,” Zabo CEO Christopher Brown said in a statement. “We’re proud to partner with leading fintechs like Money Dashboard to make it easy for people to see cryptocurrencies as part of their broader financial picture.”

Zabo’s entire mission is based on making cryptocurrency more accessible to everyday people. The company’s API gives financial services companies a way to connect to the thousands of exchanges, wallets, and cryptocurrencies that are beginning to power the next generation of financial products and services.

With the partnership, that API will aggregate and display cryptocurrency account information through the same interface Money Dashboard users use. This allows users to transact in their accounts and view existing bank balances while Zabo is automatically updating holdings with current exchange rates.

According to the companies, Money Dashboard, which helps its users in the UK to quickly and effectively manage their finances, will now be offering “some of the most robust cryptocurrency support of any personal finance app today.”

“Helping customers reach their financial goals in today’s world means being able to build bridges with the financial services they care about most,” Money Dashboard CEO Steve Tigar said in a statement. “Integrating cryptocurrencies directly into Money Dashboard’s suite of services speaks directly to that ideal. We’re excited to work with Zabo to bring this new functionality to the hundreds of thousands of people who trust us to help them save money.”

The entire Zabo team is bullish on crypto. Last year, they brought in $2.5 million in funding to expand their engineering team and increase their customer base.

Cryptocurrency is an asset class on track to reach billions of customers and measuring in the trillions of dollars, according to Brown. The marketplace challenge is cryptocurrency is underserved in relation to other financial services because, in part, connecting the different currencies, wallets, and exchanges to the traditional financial system is difficult.

But, Zabo’s solution takes the complexity out of this integration.

Zabo’s Alex Treece

“In the last decade we’ve seen incredible growth in crypto, both as a financial asset and paradigm-shifting technology infrastructure,” Zabo previously wrote in a company blog post. “Financial and computer science history have already been made. But the best is yet to come—the growth of crypto the next decade will dwarf its prior history.”

About two years ago, Zabo got a $1.15 million seed investment from New York-based Blockchange Ventures. The funding went toward creating the app, supporting Bitcoin and Ether, and allowing users to have crypto combined with their bank accounts. Last year, Zabo launched Papercrypto, a risk-free simulation designed to “demystify, derisk, and devour cryptoconfusion.” Essentially, it’s a free game that allows anyone to construct a virtual portfolio of cryptocurrencies.

Fellow Co-Founder Alex Treece recently spoke out about how he thinks the U.S. will adopt bitcoin as a reserve asset. Why? “Because it’s unequivocally in the country’s strategic interests to do so,” he says.

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