Dallas-Based Daltile Releases First-Ever Trend Report for 2022 Interior Design

Dallas-based Daltile has released its first-ever Trend Report, tracking key 2022 interior design trends.

The company explores seven trends—Restorative Nature, Self-Expressionism, Origins Exploration, Female Celebration, Noble Simplicity, Nostalgia Escape, and Tech Retreat—and how each is expressed in Daltile’s product lines.

For instance, the Perpetuo Tuxedo tile seen above is an example of the Nostalgia Escape trend that nods to optimism and child-like joy through meaningful objects and space. “For many, the most peaceful personal moments were during a 1970’s childhood with its key colors of burnt orange, harvest gold, avocado, almond and brown or during the 80s represented by bold Memphis Style,” the trend trackers said.

“The trend of Female Celebration aims to create reassuring environments where people can truly feel safe, understood and where they can rejuvenate,” says Daltile.

Female Celebration highlights historically feminine values such as care, flexibility, community, collaboration, and empathy.  This trend creates reassuring environments full of safety and rejuvenation through the use of softer more feminine designs, round shapes, flowing designs, soft pastels, and satin finishes.

Tech Retreat is an escape for those who need a plugged-in yet stress-free zone, with colors that “create dream-like spaces, futuristic finishes, metallic finishes, and pearlized iridescence.”

Restorative Nature speaks to the understanding that homes are a place for restoration of mind, body, and spirit — as well as how nature can play a role in that. Think: nature-inspired looks and biophilic designs, such as the feel of stone, marble, and wood.

Noble Simplicity is about living with less, with a focus on the essential — and decluttering both space and mind. This trend includes rustic finishes, rough textures, the inspiration of concrete looks, and stone looks. You’ll find nature-inspired colors such as grays, browns, and blues.

Origins Exploration ties to a growing appreciation of heritage — ancient crafts, materials, skills, and historical periods — as a way to enjoy our roots and find authenticity, and a sense of belonging in the present, the experts say.  One way the looks plays out? Handmade tile designs. 

And finally … 

“Self-Expressionism” featuring Daltile Marble Attache Lavish, Daltile Panoramic Couture Urban Farrago. [Photo: Daltile]

Self-Expressionism—at least based on the photo above—is definitely for people who aren’t afraid of a little color. Or as Daltile puts it: “Centered on Maximalism, this trend is about expressing our inner selves, tastes, and identities through interior design. This trend is represented by an energizing color palette, bolder colors, bolder patterns, geometries, and active looks such as wild marble designs”

Daltile, which was founded operating out of a Quonset hut as Dallas Ceramic Company in 1947, is now one of North America’s largest designers and manufacturers of tile and countertop products. A subsidiary of one of the world’s largest flooring companies—Mohawk Industries—Daltile is the “forefront of ever-changing technologies and innovations” from patented slip resistance technology to revolutionary click tile, the company says.

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