American Airlines Using Tech to Change Mishandled Bags Process

It's another way the Fort Worth-based airlines is using technology to speed up and take the stress out of flying.

American Airlines

On Thursday, Fort Worth-based American Airlines announced a new technology to help travelers track their delayed baggage.

Customers won’t have to wait in line for luggage only to discover it’s been left behind. Instead, American has taken initiative to change the airline’s baggage process.

Updated on its mobile app, American will now notify passengers if their luggage is delayed, conceivably eliminating confusion and hassle at the carousel.

Additionally, the app will enable users to tell American where they want their luggage delivered, The Dallas Morning News reported.

The notification system “is an exciting innovation that helps take care of our customers and our team members,” American Airlines said in a statement. “Customers get more information quickly, and our team members get more time to help those who have complicated baggage claims.”

It’s one of the many ways that American has integrated more technology into its processes in recent years.  

In 2016, the company began taking strides in speeding up security lines. Using a $5 million investment, American made plans to implement computed tomography for carry-ons, and automated screening for security lanes. The first pilot of CT technology began in June at Phoenix Sky Harbor International Airport. If successful, American plans to expand to other checkpoint locations. 

“When applied to the security lane, [a CT scanner] allows customers to leave their liquids, gels, and aerosols, as well as laptops, in their carry-on bags,” American Airlines COO Robert Isom wrote in a letter. “Think of the time — and bins! — that saves.”

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