AgileCamp: Toyota Connected North America Sponsors Business Process Conference

AgileCamp 2019 is coming to Irving tomorrow for a one-day industry forum on innovation, design, development, and leadership.

Toyota’s Plano-headquartered global tech company, Toyota Connected North America, is sponsoring the largest Agile industry forum in the Dallas area in partnership with Hyperdrive Agile.

AgileCamp 2019 will be coming to the region on Nov. 1 at the Irving Convention Center. The business process management conference will bring together enterprises from across the world to exchange ideas in innovation, design, development, and leadership. This year’s theme, Business Agility: Platforms for Change, builds a foundation for improved Agile strategies. 

Hyperdrive Agile is a consultancy meant to maximize business performance and align an organization with Agile systems. Agile is defined as an approach to “product development and/or service delivery where requirements and solutions evolve through the collaborative effort of self-organizing and cross-functional teams, as well as customers or end-users.”

“Toyota is a long-time leader in technology and process management. AgileCamp represents an opportunity to help the Agile community by sharing some of our best practices learned from decades of experience,” Toyota Connected North America’s Chief of Agile, Nigel Thurlow, said in a statement last year. “As a global mobility leader with a deep heritage of innovation, we are uniquely positioned to help move the community forward,” he added.

The one-day event brings together the Agile community—”Agilists”—to network, listen to speakers, and explore the approach. The intent is to develop a culture comprised of high-quality practitioners and coaches. 

Employees from Toyota, Intuit, CBRE, Capital One, and JP Morgan Chase are expected to go. Attendees include those in a variety of technology leadership roles, including program managers, project managers, product owners, and product managers.

AgileCamp 2019 will consist of 24 sessions and three keynote speakers, all spearheaded by Agile experts. Featured speakers include Dave Snowden, the founder, director, and chief scientific officer of Cognitive Edge and the founder and head of the Cynefin Centre; and Ken Rubin, author of “Essential Scrum: A Practical Guide to the Most Popular Agile Process.”

For more information, go here. 

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