6DOS Exits Stealth With a ‘One-of-a-Kind B2B Tool’

6 Degrees of Separation (6DOS) has opened its free beta platform for invitation requests, which utilizes a patent-pending 'relationship score' for a users’ connections. The tech startup says it's the only company focused on the quality, not quantity, of relationships.

Software as a service company 6DOS has a one-of-a-kind B2B marketing tool that numerically quantifies the strength of relationships. Now, it’s officially open for business. 

“We’ve been working hard in stealth mode for over a year and are excited to invite users to come try the Beta version,” Ethan Francis, 6DOS’ founder and CEO, said in a statement. “6DOS is unique and promises its users an ad-free, privacy first and spamless experience.”

Francis saw how connections at the consulting firm he was working for could not easily be identified—even within the company’s own teams. Along with this, locating contact information and networking are often viewed as tedious processes. That’s why he created 6DOS as a easier way to make meaningful business connections.

The tool is aimed at helping startups, sales teams, and executives by providing a patent-pending ‘score’ for all user’s connections.

The relationship score puts its users through a simple process: Users form teams of their choice, input contacts from sites like LinkedIn and Office365, then those contacts are automatically scored based on 6DOS’ internal algorithm.

These scores can then give users an idea of who will most likely give them the most welcoming introductions as well as help businesses with their sales, hiring processes, or new investments. 

Although exactly how 6DOS scores relationships isn’t publicly disclosed, the company offers some examples to give an idea of how it works.

If a user has worked with their current boss at three different companies, the score might be 95—while if they only worked with someone two companies prior to their current job, that relationship might get a score of 40. If a score doesn’t seem quite right, the user can also manually change it.

Users don’t have to worry about the privacy of their relationship scores when it comes to 6DOS since each team can only view their own scores and their data is never sold, according to the company.

This beta platform is only the first step for 6DOS, which plans on releasing a mobile app, analytics, and integrations with Salesforce in the future.

“Our company exists to engage, empower, and protect the data of our users,” Francis said. “We are excited to be the only company focused on the quality—not quantity—of relationships.”

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