Two Years In: Rosy Wellness Evaluates the Gaps in Women’s Sexual Health and the Dallas Startup’s Success in Filling Them

A new report examines how far Rosy has come since its 2019 founding—and what it has yet to accomplish. Founder Dr. Lyndsey Harper is also planning to continue shaking up the world of women's sexual health through an edgy new social media campaign coming soon.

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Dr. Lyndsey Harper launched Rosy Wellness in 2019 to provide education and resources for women with a low sexual desire. Two years later, the evidence-based tech platform boasts the nation’s largest network of healthcare professionals supporting women’s sexual health.

Rosy takes a look back at the last two years in a new report detailing the gaps in women’s sexual health and how the Dallas startup is working to fill the void.

The findings in the report include that up to 43 percent of women in the U.S. experience some level of sexual dysfunction—equating to almost one in two women. Although this percentage is high, men have a much larger variety of sexual health resources at their disposal than women do.

While there are twenty-six FDA-approved medications addressing men’s sexual dysfunction, only two do the same for women, according to the report.

Through a survey of Rosy’s ob-gyn provider network, the startup also found that an astounding 61 percent of ob-gyns felt unequipped to discuss their patients’ sexual health before joining the Rosy Healthcare Provider community. After joining Rosy, 97 percent of them feel equipped to discuss sexual health issues with their patients. 

“I am always surprised and saddened by the lack of training and resources available to physicians (even ob/gyns) on the topic of women’s sexual health,” Harper told Dallas Innovates. “I would love to see a standardized women’s sexual health curriculum integrated into medical training as well as insurance reimbursement for these common issues. Right now we have neither.”

The report highlights the need for programs like Rosy, which provides women with a holistic approach to sexual wellness. 

During this two-year time period, Rosy has raised $1 million through a seed funding round and launched a telehealth program, all while garnering over 3,500 physicians, psychologists, therapists, and other healthcare professionals to the tech platform.

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In the startup’s second year, businesses worldwide had to face changes brought on by the pandemic. Harper says her team has had its own pros and cons.

“Rosy experienced significant growth as people started looking for digital health solutions and are spending more time than ever with their partners. On the other hand, we as a team had to adjust to remote work and the isolation that can come along with that,” Harper says. “Ultimately, we came to develop the systems and communications necessary to continue our fast pace of innovation for women and to preserve our mental health and morale as a team.”

Harper herself has experienced personal growth in her first two years at the helm of Rosy, after previously working as a Dallas OB/GYN. 

“I have become more confident in my role as a CEO and leader of a team. The way I lead might not look or feel like the way we are used to seeing, but I feel strongly that my style is perfect for Rosy. I try to lead with compassion and always challenge others around me to seek growth in their personal and professional lives, as I do for myself,” Harper says. “Growth isn’t always fun or pretty, but it where the good stuff lives. And this is the good stuff.”

Looking ahead, Harper says her team is gearing up for another fundraise, “This next raise will position us for even faster growth and the ability to reach as many women as possible with the resources they need for their sexual health.”

Rosy’s edgy new social media campaign will continue to spread awareness of women’s sexual health when it officially launches on April 22.

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