Toyota Unveils Intellectual Property Licensing Program

Toyota described the program as a way businesses can gain the benefits from a world-renowned R&D company that invests over $1 million per hour, "without actually having to spend $1 million per hour.”

Toyota IP Solutions is a licensing program for Plano-based Toyota Motor North America’s (TMNA) collection of patents. 

“As one of the world’s leading patent providers, our intellectual property spans a wide range of technologies. We’re excited that the various technologies now being offered via the Toyota IP Solutions program are not limited to the automotive industry and many can be applied to other products,” Chris Reynolds, chief administration officer, Manufacturing and Corporate Resources for TMNA, said in a statement.

Toyota IP Solutions was created as a way for Toyota to license its patents to interested parties so that others can gain the “benefits from a world-renowned research and development company that invests over $1 million per hour, without actually having to spend $1 million per hour,” according to a statement.

One of Toyota’s patents. [Photo: Dallas Innovates]

The IP Solutions program will initially roll out patent portfolios across four areas: Omnidirectional Structural Color, Bio-Active Materials, Nano-Material Synthesis, and Electronics Thermal Management. Other portfolio areas are currently under assessment to be offered in the future on an ongoing basis, according to a statement.

Each patent portfolio area covers specific technologies, including:

  • The Omnidirectional Structural Color portfolio highlights pigment compounds capable of reflecting specific wavelengths of light.
  • The Bio-Active Cleaning Materials portfolio features compositions of enzymes able to break down organic materials, making stains and spills much easier to clean and can also be applied to substances such as paint coatings, cleaning fluids, and furniture waxes.
  • The Nano-Material Synthesis portfolio showcases new compositions and methods offering quick and cost-effective productions of nanomaterials of virtually any chemical element or alloy including extremely high-quality electrodes and rare-earth-free strong magnets.
  • The Electronics Thermal Management portfolio features cooling strategies that can be integrated into a power-dense electronics system to quickly control and dissipate the heat generated by the system.


Interested businesses can learn more about the patents available and find a contact form to request a license at the dedicated website for the program. Toyota will also be featuring an IP Solutions display at its CES 2020 booth.

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